There’s a big difference between happiness and pleasure. Pleasure is short lived, unreliable and often stimulated by something outside of ourselves like drugs, alcohol, a ride in a rollercoaster or watching someone you dislike fall flat on their face!

Pleasure can make you giggle until you wet yourself, lose all sense of time and escape the mundaneness of normal life. BUT … it won’t last and what sometimes follows intense pleasure?  Intense pain – hello hangover!

Happiness is calm and even. It is reliable, consistent and rarely makes you giggle until you wet yourself! Sounds boring? Sounds like you and I would have been best buddies 3 years ago!

Only now that I have real, lasting happiness, I don’t want to let it go. No cocktail, no high, no drink tastes as good as happiness feels. Sometimes I feel pure joy – watching a sunset, being with my kids, feeling relief that I am no longer reliant on poison to keep me going.

Happiness requires work and commitment but the rewards are unparalleled! Here are some ways that you can work on and develop your happiness.

Jump Into The River Of Life And Let It Carry You Away

If you feel stuck, bored or depressed for no apparent reason then maybe you need to change your perspective on life. The Hindu concept of the River of Life is one that I find both comforting and compelling. Come with me on a trip to the river … Picture a beautiful river. The sun is…

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Your Most Powerful Self Help Tool Is Honesty. Honestly!

You can try solving your problems by asking your friends, your family or your partner’s opinions. Am I a fun person? Do I drink too much? Am I good enough? Do hats suit me? But are you actually looking for honesty or is it reassurance you’re after? If it’s real personal growth you seek then stop…

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Your mind is a puppy: can you make it walk to heel?

At the heart of mindfulness is the belief that we are not our thoughts. Our minds are distinct and separate from our ‘inner self’ or our ‘voice of calm’. We can see the mind as a puppy, which needs to be trained in a non judgmental, loving but firm way. Can you make yours walk…

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Why You Need A Happy List And How To Write One

The weather is complete shite today – rain, rain and more rain. On a grey day like today I really need a boost – I need my happy list: a short menu of easy, mindful activities I love. Sounds simple doesn’t it. But wait! The art of happiness is in part maintaining our contentment levels day…

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Is The Muse 2 Meditation Headband Really That Good?

The short answer to this question is yes, the Muse 2 meditation headband is really that good! For the long answer, keep reading… If you meditate then you will be familiar with this little snippet of internal dialogue… Ohmmm…. deeeep inhale…. long exhale… aaand inhale….. exhale….Calming and soothing breathing, clearing my mind ….. Meditating’s great.…

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Embrace Failure To Master Your Greatest Success

I work with a lot of creative people and without exception the most successful creators I know are those most unafraid of failure. The terrifying spectre of failure can loom over us like the grim reaper, exhaling garlic breath all over our cool ideas. But what if, instead of running from it, we embrace failure?…

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5 Easy Mindfulness Hacks For Creative Success

Whether you are writing a script, a report for your boss, creating a piece of art or just planning a party theme, you need your A game. Mindfulness techniques have helped me push past both overwhelm and writers block many times. Here are 5 super easy mindfulness hacks to improve your creativity and stop you…

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Forget Passion, The Secret To Success Is Finding Your Flow

Do you dream of starting your own business doing something you feel passionate about? Are you doing a job you just about tolerate but you don’t know what you should be doing instead? Maybe you are ready to return to work after years of parenting. Well, don’t get too focused on following your passion because…

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Bullet Journalling For Mindfulness And Mental Wellbeing

I love colouring things in, making lists and tracking my habits. If you are the same then bullet journalling was made for you! It’s fun, easy and encourages mindfulness and mental wellbeing. Here’s how you do it. Buy an empty journal with a dotted or square grid. I bought one like this from Moleskin. It…

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Everyday Mindfulness Techniques: Driving Mindfully

As part of Esther The Golden-Doodle’s Lessons in Mindfulness we will be looking at every day techniques for staying mindful. Today it’s driving mindfully. Vroooom! Have you ever driven somewhere and when you arrived at your destination you had absolutely no recollection of the journey? You know you got there safely because you and your…

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A Mindfulness Lesson From Esther The Golden-Doodle

So, I was in my kitchen this morning, trying to meditate but my dog had other ideas. Little did I know that Esther, my golden-doodle was trying to teach me a very valuable lesson in mindfulness! I sat at the island, on a bar stool, my back straight, eyes closed, breathing deeply and evenly, allowing…

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5 Colourful Ways To Bring Joy Into Your Day

It’s sunny, there are snowdrops in my garden and I feel all spring like! So I thought we’d do a bit of colour therapy together. It’s February and although spring feels close, we need colour and we need it now. So, here are 5 colourful ways to bring joy into your day. Buy Cut Flowers…

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6 Reasons Life Journals Make You Unhappy

Type ‘life journal’ into a search engine and you will be presented with an array of beautifully bound books, which claim to help you achieve your goals and make your existence more rewarding: Big Life Journal, My Goals, Daily Greatness, Get Your Sh*t Together Journal. But the truth is that life journals make you unhappy.…

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How To Find Your Voice Of Calm

We all have an inner Voice of Calm: an unconditionally loving, non-judging, eternally wise voice that has all the answers. Here’s how I discovered mine. When I decided to live happily ever after without alcohol in my life I started to hear voices in my head. My macaw Atticus does sound like a demented old…

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Has Dreaming Big Left You Feeling Small?

Has dreaming of big success left you feeling like a constant failure? We have become obsessed with achieving our goals but how is that working out for us? (WARNING: This post contains Miley Cyrus and S-Club-7 lyrics.) So you have a dream and you want it more than anything else in the world. If you were…

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