Quitting Alcohol


The first step in making that change is to accept that the change needs to be made. Ending any habit, especially a drinking habit, is really FRICKIN hard and it’s made even harder by uncertainty over your decision.

If you don’t consider yourself to be the type of drinker who actually needs to change your habit, then it’s all too easy to quit before you really get started. It’s so much better to figure out if you really need to quit alcohol before you embark on such a big commitment.

I Created a ‘Busy Mum Story’ Which Always Ended With Alcohol

I Created a ‘Busy Mum Story’ Which Always Ended With Alcohol I used to lock myself in a cupboard, in a glass bottle and only let myself out at 6pm when I would pour myself into a wine glass and take a long, comforting sip. That’s how it felt. It felt like when I was…

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The Moment I Quit Alcohol – My Soft Rock Bottom

Rock bottom is different for everyone. Some people end up in a police cell, begging their partner to come get them with a promise that this is the last time. Others lose their job, their home, their children and only then do they quit drinking. My rock bottom? It was more of a ‘soft rock…

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The Easiest Way To Quit Alcohol – One Enlightening Day At A Time

So, lets say that this is day one. You’re quitting alcohol and you’re on top of your game! But what about tomorrow? Will quitting alcohol feel as good tomorrow? Or what about when you’re in a really shitty mood? How will you cope then?  Or when it’s your birthday or you get good news…. or…

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15 Super Easy Ways To Beat Alcohol Cravings

If you’re taking time off alcohol – a month, a week, (even a day), then you need tools to beat the alcohol cravings. Here’s 15 super easy ways to beat alcohol cravings. I have also linked to other resources and articles on this site to give you more inspiration. 1. Know that it will pass!…

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COVID 19 Changes Everything – Why Not Your Alcohol Habits?

Current levels of crazy are through the roof! Corona Virus has the globe on lock down and people are panicking. Remember Brexit? Ah, good times!   Anyone who is disposed to boozing might be forgiven for thinking that this is a time for hedonism and f*&k it thinking. Thing is, if you thought that then…

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Going alcohol free? You are so hip!

So you want to look at your relationship with alcohol? You noticed it’s playing a larger part in your life than you’d like and rather than feeling positive and fun, your drinking has started to grind you down. Well you are in great company! You are riding a super woke, alcohol-free wave and you are officially…

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Should You Do Dry January?

At this time of year most people’s thoughts turn to their weight, their drinking and their New Years resolutions, which invariably involve drinking and eating less. Not surprisingly many more people start Dry January than complete it. That’s because changing any habit is hard. Really hard! And if you don’t consider yourself to be the…

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5 Excellent Reasons To Go Sober For October

Before I gave up drinking alcohol I could never understand why anyone would go through a whole month without drinking. If you also struggle with this then here are 5 excellent reasons you should definitely Go Sober For October. Reset your relationship with alcohol They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and…

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How I Gave Up Alcohol, The First Month

If you are a regular Voice of Calm reader then you will know all about my decision to give up alcohol. But today I want to get into the how instead of the why. No, it’s not easy but it’s totally doable and the best thing I’ve ever done. Here’s how I gave up alcohol,…

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12 Months Without Alcohol: 12 Things I’ve Learnt

I celebrated my 1 year ‘soberversary’ this weekend and it felt amazing! It has been scary, awesome, impossible, enlightening, limitless, emboldening, celebratory and nuts! So, here are 12 things I have learnt in 12 months without alcohol. I could have done 50 things but I don’t wanna rinse it! 🙂 1. My relationships have been…

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