Life is so much better without alcohol! The genuine taste of achievement doesn’t need a vodka chaser. A sunset doesn’t need wine. Good music doesn’t need gin.

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at why alcohol is bad. Now let’s look at why sobriety is so frickin’ amazing and how to do life alcohol free.

10 Wonderful Benefits Of Living Without Alcohol

When I stopped drinking I thought it would be the end of a way of life and in many ways it was.  But I had no idea that it was the start of something so much better! Whether you’re doing Stoptober, Dry January or you’re knocking the demon drink on the head forever, here’s my top 10 benefits. 1. No […]

This 20 Minute Morning Routine Will Make You Happier And More Successful

A bold claim! And I’m not even selling a book or an online course! I just feel really strongly about how powerful a good morning routine is and I know so many people who could do with a little help in keeping their heads above water. So ….. here’s my 20 minute morning routine to make you happier and (probably) more […]

Feeling overwhelmed? You need a fake hangover!

The only good thing about a hangover is that it forces you to do sweet FA for most of the day. Since I quit drinking I have been super productive. I get so much done these days that I wonder how I achieved anything when I was still drinking alcohol. But occasionally I hit a wall and life can seem […]

Food Therapy with Victoria Adams: comfort eating and how to stop it

Victoria Adams is a food therapist, yoga instructor and good friend of Voice Of Calm. You can read her granola recipes here and her amazing piece on India here. But this week she gave me some food therapy: how to cut the crap out of my diet by using a technique called ‘Crowding In.’ She explains how it works on episode 9 of […]

What exactly is mindfulness and how do you practice it?

Recently, I keep seeing blog headlines along the lines of ‘mindfulness didn’t work for me’ or ‘mindfulness decreases motivation at work’ or ‘CBD oil will replace mindfulness as the new fad.’ Apart from the fact that the authors are clearly using mindfulness to get clicks, the articles illustrate how misunderstood mindfulness is. So I thought it would be a good […]

Overcoming Alcohol Triggers And Maintaining My Sobriety

As the novelty of living without alcohol fades and signs of summer appear, I am met with a whole buffet of alcohol triggers. Apparently maintaining my sobriety is going to be tougher than I thought. A couple of weeks ago the weather suddenly went from grey to balmy. It was as if someone had taken the lid off the UK […]

Relapse every time you quit smoking? You need to change your language…

Smoking is for losers. Fact! Vaping is super weird looking, expensive and probably also bad for you. Opinion! You may be trying to quit your nicotine addiction as we speak or perhaps you already managed the hard part and now you’re worried it won’t last. If you want to avoid relapse within the first year of quitting smoking or vaping […]

10 Minutes Of Yoga A Day To Up Your Energy

It’s Monday, it’s sunny and although it’s only February it feels like May! Don’t mention Beast From The East Part 2. DON’T! I am living in blissful denial and right now I feel super spritely because I am fresh from my yoga mat. So, let me tell you why 10 minutes of yoga a day will up your energy. Wake […]

3 Self Help Books To Read Again And Again

From mindfulness and eastern religion to laws of attraction and secrets of success, I used to be something of a self help book addict. But there are some books that I can repeat read and learn something new every time. Here are my 3 self help books to read again and again. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck […]

10 Best Alcohol Free Drinks

I have been on a mission to find VOC’s 10 best alcohol free drinks and because I have some equally adventurous mates I invited them to an evening of mocktail tasting. They declined. … SO I rebranded it “Cocks, Mocks and Frocks!!” and they soon came knocking. They are so childish! (For the avoidance of doubt that’s cocktails, mocktails and […]



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