I’m Liz Horsman and I started The Alcohol Spell to help anyone who wants to change their relationship with alcohol. And boy do we all need help!

We have ALL fallen under the alcohol spell!

The multimillion-dollar advertising campaign by alcohol incorporated told us all that our lives would be better with booze. We would be more confident, less insignificant, more sophisticated and probably more good-looking as long as we consumed alcohol and lots of it!

You think you drink too much? Look around you. We’re like the enchanted kingdom in sleeping beauty, asleep in our ignorance and compliance. Well, I’m here to say that it’s time to wake up!

Alcohol Addiction: Disease? Choice? Other?

  Is Alcohol Addiction A Disease? If you have a drink problem and you sign up to the idea that alcoholism is a disease, then you are a member for life! Even when you stop drinking you are still in the club and you cannot leave. It’s a sort of shitty Hotel California. The disease…

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Red Wine, The Alcohol Industry And Dodgy Science

Last week I saw a piece in a popular magazine for women suggesting that red wine should be the alcoholic drink of choice during lockdown. I swore at my phone, tweeted and deleted and then sat down to write something a little more considered – red wine, the alcohol industry and dodgy science. Oi!! Red…

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If Alcohol Was A Pill – Would You Take It?

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12 Warning Signs That You Might Have A Drink Problem

I quit drinking alcohol 2 years ago because it was dominating my life but I never really felt that the word ‘alcoholic’ applied to me.  My dad was a classic, first thing in the morning, 2 bottles of whiskey a day alcoholic and I was never that. I was heading that way though. I wished…

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You Are Part Of The Alcohol Global Conformity Experiment

The thing about alcohol is that it’s everybody’s favourite drug addiction and if you’re not part of the ‘gang’ then quite frankly, you can f*ck off! We’re living in a world where it’s easier to drink alcohol than not. So if you want to give up for good you need to be able to see…

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Are You Under The Alcohol Spell?

In addition to the posts I write on this blog, Voice of Calm, I also offer support and advice on my new Instagram @TheAlcoholSpell. Come follow me for daily thoughts and motivation about alcohol, how to quit, how wonderful life is without it, the truth about the alcohol industry and loads more.  

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South Africa Bans Alcohol During Lockdown, UK Makes It Essential!

I woke up to the news that South Africa has banned all alcohol sales for the next 3 weeks of Covid-19 lockdown.  Even though no alcohol has passed my lips for 2 years when I heard this news I had a mini meltdown by proxy.  I may not drink any more but I still have…

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You’re not an alcoholic because you drink after 6pm!

I hear you! You’re not a morning drinking, wife beating, park bench sleeping, slurring, stinking alcoholic. And you don’t get the shakes when you haven’t had alcohol for a few hours. You’d never drink during the day and anything after 6pm is fine, right? There’s this very strange notion that the time of day you…

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Is Pink Gin The Latest Assault On Women’s Health?

In the last 2 years there has been a dramatic increase in alcoholic drinks specifically aimed at women: ready made cocktails, fruit flavoured beer, skinny wine, low-carb spirits and now, an abundance of pink potions! But with women’s alcohol consumption in the UK at the highest it’s ever been and incidence of liver disease among…

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British Women Are Among The Heaviest Drinkers In The World

If it was 1997, the fact that British women are among the heaviest drinkers in the world would have me beaming with pride while exclaiming, ‘Get in ladies! GET IN!!’ However it’s 2018 and ladette culture is so last century! So how is it that we are in this completely embarrassing situation?  Micky Flanagan Knows…

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