Food Therapy with Victoria Adams: comfort eating and how to stop it

Victoria Adams is a food therapist, yoga instructor and good friend of Voice Of Calm. You can read her granola recipes here and her amazing piece on India here. But this week she gave me some food therapy: how to cut the crap out of my diet by using a technique called ‘Crowding In.’ She explains how it works on episode 9 of The Voice of Calm Podcast.

I often find myself standing at the fridge looking for something to eat when I am not even hungry. I promise myself I won’t eat bread or cakes but work, stress or even boredom have me toasting a bagel and before I know it the whole diet is out the window. Yes, if anyone needs food therapy, it’s me! Victoria Adams has a great approach to tackle my all or nothing thinking. Listen to the podcast above on Spotify, on Apple or here.

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