COVID 19 Changes Everything – Why Not Your Alcohol Habits?

Current levels of crazy are through the roof! Corona Virus has the globe on lock down and people are panicking. Remember Brexit? Ah, good times!  

Anyone who is disposed to boozing might be forgiven for thinking that this is a time for hedonism and f*&k it thinking. Thing is, if you thought that then you would be missing the rather unmissable point that right now is a time for change! 

How Will Covid 19 Change Our Habits?

The earth is hurting badly. Extinctions are occurring at an alarming rate, forests are burning, resources are dwindling, ice caps are melting. Then along comes Covid 19 like something out of a Dan Brown novel and suddenly we are forced to alter everything about our daily habits. 

Maybe it’s just coincidence? Or maybe a supernatural power has sent the planet exactly what she needs to fix herself: less travel means less pollution and if we are forced to make working habits more virtual and less face to face, the repercussions for the planet, for once, could be awesome! 

Chances are, if you follow Voice of Calm, you’re keen to change your alcohol habits and thanks to social distancing there has never been a better time to do just that.

Could You Break The Alcohol Spell?

I call it the alcohol spell because it’s more than just a habit and it’s definitely not an illness. It’s a curse which has been cast by alcohol companies who spend billions on marketing to convince us that we need to drink. They are aided by governments who make more from taxes than they lose in the resulting cancer care costs. We are under a spell and we need to wake each other up.

Sure, you choose to drink but you probably don’t realise just how coerced you are into doing it. The government, the drinks industry, your friends who drink, they all want you to consume alcohol! And once you give yourself up to the power of the alcohol spell, it’s bloody hard to break it.

For Once, The Pressure To Drink Alcohol Is Off!

Now here is this golden opportunity! This is your window. You won’t be in bars. You won’t be invited to after work drinks or business lunches. There are no festivals or gigs and no special dinners. See how perfect this time is? Grab it with both hands! 

Change is here and you must embrace it as soon as you can. Start now. Commit to quitting alcohol for a while or if you fancy, for good. If the universe is ushering in change, don’t ignore it. Jump on board and ride the wave because could be the best journey of your life.

I have plenty of advice for quitting alcohol on this site and on my instagram page @TheAlcoholSpell.

What Else Could You do?

Maybe you already quit alcohol and you need another challenge? Or maybe you are just fine with alcohol, f*&k you very much, and you don’t know what you’ll do with all the spare time you gain from no commuting.

Okay, so how about you learn something new? Or get into journaling your thoughts on this strange time? You could draw, paint, make music or start a blog. Get fit? Learn to do the splits? How long would that actually take? …. Okay jazz splits maybe.

Whatever you do, stay safe, look out for your older neighbours and relatives and know that this too shall pass.