Christmas Wreaths And Mocktails

I love crafting! I have many skills – Christmas wreath making however, is not one of them, as you will see. But let’s get our priorities straight. What are we drinking?!

Two Mocktails

Christmas wreaths and mocktails

A Virgin Bellini. M&S do this lovely sparkling Apple, Mango and Passion fruit juice, which is lovely but very sweet. Simply add fizzy water to create a sophisticated, tasty treat that really is like a Bellini but without alcohol. As alway, it must be served cold, in a champagne flute. Delicious!

For a Mulled Mocktail Fizz without alcohol we added some mulling syrup to Freixenet 0.0%. It was amazing!!! You can buy Gourmet Mulling Syrup from Amazon Prime. Adjust the sweetness with sparkling water.

Friexenet and san pellegrino

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The Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths and mocktails.

So, down to the wreaths.  Here are a few essentials: garden twine, pine cones, greenery, glue, scissors and chocolate!

Christmas wreaths and mocktails.

Andrea making her wreath … and a huge mess! Oh she is such a mucky pup.

Christmas wreaths and mocktails.

I cut dogwood from my garden and wrapped it round a metal wreath ring, gradually building a more solid base to decorate.

Christmas wreaths and mocktails.

Emma is the wreath master! Like beast master but with festive florals.

Christmas wreaths and mocktails.

Andrea added silver bells and fairy lights for extra sparkle. So pretty!

The Winner

Christmas wreaths and mocktails.Christmas wreaths and mocktails.

When your mum is an interior designer you will never win a Christmas wreath making competition. Just look at this beauty! It’s as if it grew around the candle like a wild table centre piece. I should add that this moss covered wreath needs to be sprayed regularly with water and of course cannot be left with the candle lit.

Christmas wreaths and mocktails

Oh dear, this is mine. Don’t judge me, I have many other qualities! You can see what I was going for but you can also imagine my mum’s delight when she saw it.

‘I’ve won!’ She announced like the competitive old witch she is!

Ok stop looking at it now and please, let’s never speak of it again.