10 Minutes Of Yoga A Day To Up Your Energy

It’s Monday, it’s sunny and although it’s only February it feels like May! Don’t mention Beast From The East Part 2. DON’T! I am living in blissful denial and right now I feel super spritely because I am fresh from my yoga mat. So, let me tell you why 10 minutes of yoga a day will up your energy.

Wake Up Your Sleepy Head

Doing yoga first thing in the morning is a wonderful way to stretch the sleep from your body. Sometimes my morning session will just consist of stretches and twists rather than the more complex stuff. Listen to your body and take your time to warm up to your flow. Some days just call for a lot of corpse pose!

I find that if I get started early in the day then I don’t feel as lethargic. Being busy means we need to get over tiredness and get cracking and yoga really does that.

silhouette of lord of the dance yoga pose against brick wall
Tired? Ha! I’ve yoga’d the hell out of tiredness. Let’s go!

Start As You Mean To Continue

If you are a little disorganised (I am) then starting your day with yoga flies in the face of the self belief ‘I am so bloody disorganised!’ You’re retraining your brain to see you as on top of your shit.

If you have done your yoga by 8am then you will feel fully fuelled and ready to go. Achieving the jobs you have to do feels so much easier with a bit of yoga under your belt.

Pranayama: Suck In That Positive Energy

Deep breathing exercises calm anxiety and take you to your centre. Whether you think of your energy as the force that flows through your 7 chakras, or you simply see it as the stuff that gets you from A to B: your energy is everything.

When we control our breathing, even for the shortest time we are being mindful and present. Paying attention to the flow of in and out breath and letting it fill the body is a beautiful way to pay respect to our positive life force and invite more of it in.

silhouette or head stand against brick wall
A supported head stand can strengthen your whole body and calm your mind

10 Minutes Is A long Time AND A Short Time

If you have a hectic schedule you know how tricky it is to add anything extra into it. But in the grand scheme of things 10 minutes is really not that much. If it means you have to get up 10 minutes earlier then do it. You will hardly notice the difference in sleep but the benefits of 10 minutes of yoga will be huge.

Set a timer for your 10 minute yoga session so you’re not worrying about being late for work or school drop off.

When you are really in the zone with your practice you can get a lot out of 10 minutes of yoga. The best way to do this is to keep returning your attention to your body and your breathing.

Yoga Makes You Fit

Just 10 minutes of yoga a day can make you more flexible and fitter. If you perform your flow with intention your muscles will feel it too. I mostly do kundalini yoga on my own without any instruction but when I was starting out I watched videos on YouTube or Gaia.com. Search for the types of yoga you like with the aims you want to achieve.

downward sog Silhouette against brick wall
I only got why this was called downward dog the other day when I saw my dog stretch. Huh.

Set Your Intentions For The Day

Once I have completed my 10 minutes of yoga I then take a minute to set my days intention. It could be ‘flow’ or ‘hydration’ or something more specific like ‘research.’

I don’t love intentions which are too fixed. Your intention setting isn’t a schedule so you don’t want to add anything like ‘get report out by 4pm.’ This is all about you and your spiritual journey today. And remember that everything is subject to change!

Flexible Body, Flexible Mind

I love the yogi saying ‘I bend so I don’t break.’ That’s how I feel about yoga. Increasing my physical flexibility enhances my emotional durability too.

You may commit to 10 minutes every day but then maybe you get out of the habit. It’s all good. Just get yourself back into the habit when you can and know that nothing in life is permanent.

Knowing that life is ever changing is where happiness lies. Yoga is a great teacher of this concept and in your practice you will have good and bad days. That’s okay. Life is not a race.

Happy bending!