5 Excellent Reasons To Go Sober For October

Before I gave up drinking alcohol I could never understand why anyone would go through a whole month without drinking. If you also struggle with this then here are 5 excellent reasons you should definitely Go Sober For October.

Reset your relationship with alcohol

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to break one although that’s super unscientific. In reality we all slip in and out of habits in very different ways. For me I was over with the worst of my nightly wine cravings in 2 weeks and I certainly have a very addictive nature. I replaced my nightly drinks with healthier routines like exercise and herbal tea and within two weeks the wine had been ‘crowded out’.

Once you see yourself as a person who can say no to alcohol you will grow in confidence and determination to last the month. Instead of having a negative relationship with alcohol you will be back in charge and that feels amazing. No longer a slave to alcohol you will be able to make better choices if you resume drinking in November.

You’ll save about £67 and probably more

According to Macmillan Cancer Support we spend an average of £67 a month on alcohol and many people (me, when I was drinking) spend way more than that. Christmas is coming and let’s be honest, you could use every penny. There’s also something galling about losing money you don’t remember spending. Being back in control of your drinking and your money is a double victory.

Most people really change their drinking habits after a month away from alcohol so not only do you save money in October but you will be buying less going forward. More money to treat yourself with something worth your hard earned cash!

Raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support is an incredible charity which provides help and support to those effected by cancer. They run on donations and started the ‘Go Sober For October’ campaign. By taking part and raising money you not only do wonders for your health, you help facilitate their amazing work.

They have loads of suggestions of how you can raise money. https://www.gosober.org.uk/fundraising-ideas

You can still have one night of drinking (at a cost)

Is it your birthday in October? Are you going to a gig or party and you just can’t imagine it without alcohol? Well, fear not! You can buy a golden ticket for £15 which gives you a night off your alcohol fast and allows you to indulge. So there’s no excuse not to do the whole month just for the sake of one night out. You could of course just have a night out and not buy the golden ticket but then Macmillan don’t benefit and it was their idea, after all.

Get your golden ticket from Macmillan.


Giving up alcohol is good for your health

If you drink around 7 glasses of wine a week you will be removing over 4000 calories from your diet by stopping for a month. That’s a lot! Add to that increased energy, better hydration and lower toxicity and your body will be functioning better than it has in ages. Weight loss, deeper sleep, brighter skin, clearer thinking and greater motivation are just some of the benefits you will enjoy.

Here’s what the Priory Group say about the benefits of quitting for a month.


If you are sober curious then a month off is a great place to start. It doesn’t have to lead to a lifetime of sobriety but when you realise how much better your life can be without alcohol it will probably change your relationship with drink for good. Result!