Feather art makes me happy.

Anyone who knows me well will know that I am a bit of a bird lady.  You’re picturing the old hag on Mary Poppins aren’t you.  Okay, not that kind of bird lady.  I mean, I keep birds as pets.  8 ducks, 2 geese and a macaw.

Ducklings are the most inquisitive things
Ducklings are the most inquisitive things

They are just so amazing.  Birds lift your spirits with their natural inquisitiveness and comedy walks.  My macaw is called Atticus and although he can be a right twat (eating my phone and chewing the furniture) he is also pretty hilarious and very loving.

But I’m not here to tell you to get birds as pets (indeed you shouldn’t unless you have experience and loads of patience).  No, this is about the time I discovered a new and very exciting way to create a monster work of art for less than £400, which everyone assumes cost 10 times that.


Creating Feather Art

Atticus often drops his beautiful feathers around the house and I keep them in vases.  They look great in the sunlight.

Macaw feather table centre piece
Macaw feather table centre piece

One day a feather had fallen onto a cushion and it caught my eye.  The colours went so beautifully together, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.  So I took a photo of it on my Sony A7 camera.

At this time I was redecorating our recording studio (music is my other job) and I needed to cover large, rather ugly, acoustic boards which line the roomy barn.  So I was looking for inventive ways to do that.  At about 5am (I often wake up in the early hours with ideas) I suddenly thought how cool it would be to have the feather photo enlarged and printed on material.

The next day I found a company in Cheshire who make billboards.  I called them as soon as they opened and suggested the idea and yes they could do it.  Now, the crucial thing here is that you have to take a really high quality photograph if you want to have it enlarged significantly.  I had a really good one so I went ahead.

It took about 2 weeks for the image to arrive.  It was very nerve racking opening it but thankfully it looked even better than I had hoped.


Framing Your Feather

I got a carpenter to build the wooden frame and I then stretched the massive image across the frame and secured it with staples before mounting it on top of the largest acoustic absorber.

I can’t tell you how bloody relieved I was when it was finally up.

The giant feather in The Lark's Tongue studio.
The giant feather in The Lark’s Tongue studio.

If you fancy trying this then you need to send your photo to the printers who will guide you through the process.  I used Cestrian but there are other options.  People do go right up to the feather to take a closer look because it appears so real, so make sure your original image is the best quality you can get.

And collect feathers.  They are so very uplifting!