Review: Redemption in Notting Hill.

Food: 7/10      Drinks: 9/10      Atmosphere: 8/10     Service: 9/10

I met up with my lovely friend Nadine for an alcohol free, wheat free, dairy free, vegan treat (yes, treat) at Notting Hill’s Redemption.

My friend Nadine is a super cool gal I first met in Shoreditch 12 years ago. Our love of hard partying and our sons’ love of soft playing (while we nursed hangovers) forged a friendship that would see us through over a decade of family, work and relationship life. In short, I trust the girl!

So when she said, ‘vegan, alcohol-free restaurant?’ I didn’t pretend I hadn’t heard her. My response was, ‘Yes, let’s!!’

I am a Redemption virgin but Nadine had been before and on arriving, quickly requested the mocktail menu so we could get tasting.


The All Important Mocktails

My Moscow Mule (£5.50) was literally the best mocktail I have ever tasted. The ginger and lime combination mimicked the tang of alcohol, giving it a twisted kick without being overpowering. Fresh mint was refreshing and is a taste I really associate with cocktails. 10/10 for that one.

Moscow mule at Redemption, Notting Hill.
Moscow mule at Redemption.

Nadine’s Pious Pina Colada (£5.75) (I know, she has no taste), was actually delicious. Thick and creamy, sweet but not sickly. Alcohol would have ruined it.

Redemption’s motto is,

Spoil yourself without spoiling yourself.

Love it! And I wholeheartedly agree!  They ask,

Why should socialising always be at the expense of your health?

Well said Redemption, *applauding and nodding*, well said.


A Teeny Little Issue With The Main Course

Drinks ordered, we went for mains (ain’t nobody got time for starters). Nadine opted for chunky guacamole, tomato & lime on sunfower and flaxseed bread (£7.50). I immediately had order envy. It was delish!

My buff burger with sweet potato fries (£12.95) was slightly on the luke warm side, which was a shame because the taste and texture were both good. However, I forgive them this minor misdemeanour because the staff were smiley, the ambience cool and the company excellent (well, Nadine is a hoot!)


Would I Go Again?

Hell yeah!

I absolutely love what Redemption is doing. Yes, there are ways it could improve but the idea is wonderful and executed well enough to be taken seriously. I fully expect a plethora of alcohol free restaurants opening in the near future. Given that Redemption was fully booked, there is clearly a demand.

Redemption is at 6 Chepstow Road, Notting Hill, London W2 5BH or at 320 Old Street, Shoreditch, London EC1V 9DR