I Am A Better Mum Without Alcohol

Don’t get your knickers in a twist! I am not saying that people who drink alcohol are bad parents. However, without alcohol I personally feel that I am a better mum.

Yes I had always been aware that doing the kids homework with a glass of wine in my hand, cooking dinner with a G+T and never, ever, eating out without at least 2 glasses of white wasn’t exactly setting the best example. I just didn’t realise how absent all this was making me.

A real relationship without alcohol.

If you want to have a real relationship with anyone then you need to be real. How often have you had a drink before a party to get you in the mood; needed a glass of wine to take the edge off the boring chit chat at the start of the evening; found that drinking alcohol is the only way you really want to spend time with certain people?

That’s because alcohol dulls your real reactions and emotion. It makes boring, awkward and downright annoying so much more palatable. You know who can be boring, awkward and downright annoying?? Kids!!

Do you want to ‘get through’ that relationship with the support of alcohol? Really?!

You may be physically with the kids but it’s not entirely you. It’s floppy you, smiley daddy, agreeable mummy. And you know what? I am not always an agreeable mummy, which my kids better bloody know! πŸ™‚

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A better role model without alcohol.

When you’re completely sober all the time with nowhere to turn for the boring bits, nowhere to go when questions get awkward and no crutch to lean on to stave off your anger then you actually have to deal with that stuff. You become better at parenting and better at adulting. And you know your kids are watching you handle life better and they will gain so much more than they do from floppy mummy.

You’ll also find you have more time for them. Alcohol tends to lead me to my phone, to my ipad, online shopping, looking at Facebook, back to work emails, giving my attention to anything other than my kids. If you’re like me than that eventually makes you feel guilty and we know how alcohol loves guilt.

Set yourself and your family free of the drink loop.