People Who Live Without Alcohol Aren’t All Recovering

Warning: This post is more of a rant than an article. It’s aimed at the invisible, unspoken pity targeted at those who live without alcohol.

Some people, SOME PEOPLE, have made a decision to live without alcohol. Why? Well, maybe they don’t like the taste of it.  Maybe, feeling drunk freaks them out. Or it could be that having puked their teenage guts up at a mate’s party in 1994 they concluded never to touch the devil’s piss again. THIS DOES NOT MAKE THEM RECOVERING ALCOHOLICS!

If I was vegan…

…it would not lead people to assume that I had previously been a compulsive meat eater.

‘Oh shit, you had a meat problem. Poor you! Thankfully I can eat meat in moderation so I don’t need to give it up.’

Veganism and vegetarianism are lifestyle choices. Somebody chooses not to eat animal products, for a variety of reasons. We may not agree, we may think it’s nuts or we may feel secretly guilty and wish we could be vegans (me) but we’re unlikely to spend an evening convincing those people to eat some black pudding.

Many more people would live without alcohol if society would allow it

How about the people who just choose not to drink? Who don’t fancy beer, dislike the taste of wine and know that vodka is just poison. They made a choice, a lifestyle choice.

I actually know of people who say they are on medication rather than admit they choose not to drink. They lie to suit other people’s expectations, to fit in!

Doesn’t that sound like the kind of thing you used to do in the playground at school?

Sobriety can simply be a lifestyle choice

Living without alcohol in my life has proved to be incredibly rewarding and I am the happiest I have ever been.

There are plenty of excellent blogs and websites out there for people in recovery. I want to be there for what happens when recovery is completed or when recovery wasn’t even a thing because sobriety is just your choice, not a consequence.

It’s not easy being as frickin’ woke as me in such an alcoholic society!

Okay, I am getting carried away but really, it isn’t easy navigating life without a drink when everyone and everything is dragging you to the bar.

  • How do you relax?
  • Can you actually celebrate?
  • What do you drown your sorrows with?
  • How the hell do you socialise?

That’s what I want to talk about. Let’s grow up and make choices for ourselves based on what’s best for us and fuck everyone else.

Because let me tell you, life without alcohol rocks!

When you live without alcohol, healthy mocktails are a welcome alternative.
Hello healthy mocktails!