How To Socialise Without Alcohol

If you have given up alcohol or you are just taking a break then socialising will be your biggest challenge. Here’s how to socialise without alcohol.

I knew you’d need illustrative photos for this so I teamed up with my best bitch Esther to show you how it’s done. 

First Off: How Not To Socialise Without Alcohol

The worst part of socialising is the small talk at the start of the event. Especially if you get stuck with a whining bitch like I did at the fake party in my kitchen!

How to party sober this holiday season.
Esther is lovely but she does talk about herself A LOT!

Do not spend this time wishing you could leave! You will just be hypnotising yourself into feeling tired and bored and if you’re stuck with someone as monotonous as Esther then time is going to draaaaaag on!

How to socialise without alcohol

This is when you most need something to take the edge off and that’s what you have always relied upon to ease the awkwardness, right? Wrong! Stop looking for a crutch to hold you up, you don’t need it.

You need to rediscover the part of you that doesn’t need a drink to have fun.

Back to the crap party in the kitchen, the most obvious mistake we’ve made is that we’re both drinking water out of normal glasses. BIG MISTAKE! Never do this. You’re not 5, you’re an adult and you need an adult drink in an adult glass.

How to socialise without alcohol.
She was making absolutely no effort so I thought we’d hug it out.

So How DO You Socialise Without Alcohol?

Fake it til you make it!

Seriously. Act energetic and up beat and you will hear yourself being energetic and upbeat, which will send your brain energetic and upbeat vibes and before long you will feel….energetic and upbeat!

How to socialise without alcohol.
Hi there! I’m Liz and I really need to get my roots done!

Smile, listen intently and ask more questions. Act like you’re being told the most juicy gossip, even if you’re not.

How to party sober this holiday season.
“Are you serious? She said what? That bitch!!”

It’s like laughing. Try faking a belly laugh. It’s weird at first but keep it going and very soon you will be laughing for real. No, I’m not suggesting you do this all night, although you would be hilarious. Just make the right noises and expressions and after a bit you’ll discover you’re not trying.

How to party sober this holiday season.
Oh jeez, I’d love to tell you what she just said but it’s totally disgusting!

Prepare your alcohol free alternatives and drink them in lovely glasses.

Whether you are hosting or visiting friends have some good AF drinks  or mocktails to hand. I recommend Heineken 0.0, Brewdog Nanny State, Nosecco, Freixenet 0.0% Sparkling AF Wine, Shloer Sparkling White Grape Juice (with a bit of fizzy water because that makes it more grown up).

In short, get over the idea that fun only happens when you drink alcohol because in my experience that simply isn’t true. But as long as advertising keeps sellling us this lie and society keeps going along with it, socialising without alcohol remains niche. Oh you’re so hipster!

Esther and Liz x