Tips For Smashing Dry January (part 2)

Good god, can it already be the end of 2019 week one!? Christmas seems like years ago…Oh stop! Following on from Voice of Calm’s first post of the year 6 Tips To Smash Dry Januaryhere is the next instalment – Tips For Smashing Dry January (part 2).

If you are giving up for the month or maybe aiming for a little longer then don’t panic. I have more great ideas to help you, which from my personal experience of quitting for good, are really rather excellent.

And the tips are (starting from number 7 because this follows on from 1-6)

Tip 7 Meditate Every Day

Do this every day and I guarantee that you will notice a real shift in your inner calm. If you have any questions about meditation then please ask me. There is also a guided meditation on the podcast.

Tip 8 Exercise

The best way to make use of exercise to overcome cravings is to do it when you would normally have your first drink of the day. I don’t need to tell you how beneficial exercise is but as an added bonus the happy chemicals created are the perfect alcohol replacement.

Tip 9 Tell Everyone

When you quit you will be amazed at the pressure you feel to drink socially. It is so much easier if you just tell everyone you know that you have given up. Most people will support you, especially for Dry January.

Tip 10 Self Care

You will be missing out on the power relaxation that wine or beer bestows and therefore you need to seek out alternative pleasures. As well as sugar, which we covered in part one, self care is key. Long baths, early to bed with a hot water bottle and a great book, get your nails done, just take time out. Recognise when you are struggling and go easy on yourself. You deserve to feel good.

Pass it on

If this was useful then do please share it about. There are lots of brave people doing Dry January and the smallest tip or word of encouragement can make all the difference. And if you are still going at the end of week one then well done. You are my hero!