6 Tips For Smashing Dry January (part 1)

If you are embarking on Dry January then you are among 3 million Brits who are doing the same and it’s an increasingly international activity. It may be your first time ever quitting alcohol or your first time in a long time and you might struggle along the way. Don’t worry, I have 6 great tips for smashing dry January.

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Tip 1 Water Bottle

Get yourself a water bottle and keep it topped up. It’s good to drink any kind of liquid when you are going without alcohol and water will fix your skin and your digestion while keeping you full.

Tip 2 Drink Replacements

Get lots of lovely alternatives to alcohol in your fridge so that you have some good options to grab. You can have a lot of fun making your own mocktails and I also love Fever Tree tonics and Bottle Green cordials. If like me you enjoy home brewing then Kombucha is an amazing drink!

Tip 3 Vitamin D

In the UK in January it is DULL!! The lack of sunlight really impedes our bodies’ ability to make vitamin D, which can make us feel very low. Get some vitamin D and take one every day.

Tip 4 SUGAR!

You will really notice the lack of sugar in your life when you knock the booze on the head. Don’t worry about it. Just eat what you want in those first couple or few weeks because the calories you save without alcohol in your life are now available to you in chocolate form! Woohoo!!

Tip 5 Just Today

All you have to do is not drink today. Don’t think about tomorrow or next week, or the times you think you might want alcohol in the future. You are doing this just today and if you can get to bedtime without having had a drink then, job done!

Tip 6 Breathe

Take time out to calm your breathing down to a slow, deep, even pace. All you need to do is take a long, slow breath, hold and exhale and repeat this until you feel better. I have lots of great ways to stop overthinking but breathing is always my starting point.

You will soon regain some sense of calm. If you feel panicked then you will be much more vulnerable to drinking so make sure you take the time out you need to get the oxygen flowing again.

I hope these will get you through the first week. Good luck!!