Dry January Tips Part 3: The Tricky Middle Bit

It’s the 10th day of Dry January and if you are still at it then fan-bloody-tastic! I salute you!! So, here is Dry January Tips Part 3 to get you through the tricky middle bit. We have – juicing for detox; drinking plenty of water and reading a shed load. I have the what, why and how all mapped out for you.

If you haven’t already read Dry January Tips part 1 or Dry January Tips part 2 then take a look. 

Tip 11 Juicing

Victoria Adams, juicing guru, yoga teacher and rather lovely person hosted a juicing workshop in the gorgeous Ebrington Arms in Gloucestershire earlier this week. I learned a so much about what our bodies really need and what they certainly don’t need and why juicing is such a great idea.

Dry January tips Part 3
The Ebrington Arms nestled amid the beautiful Cotswolds countryside.

According to Victoria, when we juice our food we do the job of chewing it, which we are supposed to do 40 times before swallowing. (Ain’t nobody got time for that!) Plus when detoxing you need certain foods to really boost the body’s ability to cleanse itself. Foods like celery, cucumber and beetroot are all great for detoxing but you’re unlikely to eat half a cucumber and a whole beetroot in one sitting. So much better in a juice!

Fruit Juice or vegetable juice?

The appetisingly coloured green juice below consists of avocado, pear, parsnip, a tiny amount of pineapple, celery and lime. Granted, if it were a Farrow and Ball paint colour it would be called ‘Chest Infection’ but I must say that it was super delicious!

The key to a healthy juice is keeping the fruit content to a minimum to avoid too much fructose, however, Victoria stressed the importance of taste. If you hate the juice then you simply won’t make it again, which defeats the whole object. Create tasty concoctions to suit your palette.

Dry January Tips part 3 without alcohol
This avocado and pear green juice was really delicious!

If you want to you can also add green powders like spirulina and matcha to get as much goodness in as possible but make sure you get really good quality versions of both.

Juice Fasting

I wouldn’t personally recommend doing a juice fast in January as it’s already tough enough, especially if you’re abstaining from alcohol for the first time. However, fasting has been proven to improve gut health and allows the liver time to get rid of all the nasties you’ve been feeding it. Make sure you read lots about any fast you decide to undertake and get medical advice if you’re in any way unwell.

Tip 12 Drink 3 litres of water a day

3 litres a day is ideal but more is better. The liver is responsible for flushing the toxins from your body and the more water you can drink to help with that process the better.

Victoria explained to us how the liver views alcohol and holy crap, this really got me. I was like, ‘what the actual, how is it even legal!’ Then I grew up and realised that just because I make shitty choices it doesn’t mean we’re all necking a bottle of wine a night. ANYWAY…

Dry January Tips part 3 without alcohol
You can make a jug of flavoured water if you don’t like it plain. Just avoid too much sugar.

The liver sees alcohol entering the blood stream and thinks,

Uh oh, poison!’

It stops everything else it is doing and immediately starts to process the alcohol. So if you happen to be having a burger and chips, some Doritos, chocolate cake, a full English breakfast to ease your hangover or whatever else you are consuming the liver will just ignore it. Basically, these things will all be converted to fat and you will be a whining bitch (like me) who keeps saying,

Fucksake, I just can’t shift this weight!’

Your body’s obsession with ridding itself of alcohol means that it doesn’t have time to focus on anything else. Important things like: renewing skin cells, strengthening hair folicles, brightening eyes, burning fat and other crucial functions it really should be doing. Yeah. Bummer.

BUT now that you are rid of that poison your body will get to work on all these good processes. You will start to see the benefits within the first couple of weeks. But only if you are enhancing the detox with plenty of water.

Plus, drinking any fluid is a great alcohol craving suppressant. Buy a water bottle and suck on that breast of health giving nectar as if your very life depended on it.

Tip 13 Read Loads

Make your dry january really count by getting a healthy serving of self development. You’re in a growth mindset, which is why you have chosen to be sober for a month so why not enhance that sense of well-being with knowledge.

I have written thousands of words on why alcohol is stupid and not drinking it is clever. Just for starters, check out: 10 Wonderful Benefits Of Living Without Alcohol; Emily Atack Is Her Awesome Self Without Alcohol; Sobriety Is Freedom On Every Level

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some excellent books on the subject, the reading of which will make you feel all warm and smug about your sobriety.

The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober by Catherine Gray

The Biology Of Desire by Marc Lewis

The Clever Guts Diet by Dr Michael Mosley

Tips for dry january part 3 without alcohol
This is Atticus’ favourite book. Plenty of fibre!

As always, share the living daylights out of these Dry January posts because it’s a bastard of a month and anyone partaking could really do with the support.

Liz x