15 Super Easy Ways To Beat Alcohol Cravings

If you’re taking time off alcohol – a month, a week, (even a day), then you need tools to beat the alcohol cravings. Here’s 15 super easy ways to beat alcohol cravings. I have also linked to other resources and articles on this site to give you more inspiration.

1. Know that it will pass! Could be 20 minutes, could be longer but it won’t last forever.
2. Speak to someone – online support, a friend, a sponsor.
3. Write it all down – how the craving feels and how DAMNED determined you are to beat them.
4. Make a delicious drink – fizzy, sweet and refreshing or maybe a rich hot chocolate.
5. Get your heart rate up – run, do as many star jumps as you can, get on your bike.
6. Breath deeply, smile, and repeat the mantra – “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.
7. Eat something sweet to replace the alcohol sugar you’re missing.
8. Distract your overthinking mind with something you enjoy – a film, a Friends episode, do some art, take a long bath.
9. Get your endorphins going – dance to some banging tunes, do anything that makes you laugh, play a game with your kids.
10. Write a list of all the things you hated about drinking.
11. Write down in detail, how you’d feel tomorrow of you had a drink today.
12. Meditate or pray – they’re both pretty similar and equally good at calming your mind.
13. Read a blog or book written by someone who has been where you are now.
14. List all the things you enjoy about being sober.
15. Take a nap – you can’t drink if you’re asleep!

So there you go. Now you can refer back to this whenever you need it. And if you think others might benefit then tag them in a comment or send this to them direct. It’s so much easier to beat alcohol when you’re tooled up!

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