Bullet Journalling For Mindfulness And Mental Wellbeing

I love colouring things in, making lists and tracking my habits. If you are the same then bullet journalling was made for you! It’s fun, easy and encourages mindfulness and mental wellbeing.

Here’s how you do it.

Buy an empty journal with a dotted or square grid. I bought one like this from Moleskin. It comes with a Bullet Journal guide and it’s got a flippin’ flamingo on it!!

Track your good habits

bullet journal mindfulness habit tracker
Good habits look more doable like this

Look how pretty! This is a lovely way to track your habits and see how well you are doing. I have added yoga, meditation and not drinking because these are things I do pretty easily. But I threw vegan days in too because it would be nice to try this out. Please note: this is for illustrative purposes. I rarely achieve a vegan day but it is something I am working on!

Track your bad habits

Wine tracker for mindfulness and drinking

If you actually want to keep an eye on your drinking then this is a handy tool. 14 units of alcohol a week (a bottle and a half of wine) is the maximum the NHS recommends. However, we all know how hard it can be to stick to. With this wine tracker (don’t forget to include your G+Ts as a unit or 2) you can actually see what you had.

Note: A home poured glass is about 2 units (there are 9 units in a bottle).

Track your moods and periods

mood tracker for mindfulness and wellbeing
(This one is obviously just for the women)

We can all get caught out with our periods. Often it’s only when mine arrives that I realise why I have been an intolerable bitch the past 2 days.

The mood tracker keeps an eye on our emotions and gives us reassurance that we might be able to blame our hormones when we feel like ripping someones head off. Good to know!

I haven’t added ‘bad day’ to mine – I have just left the days that were a bit ‘meh’ as blank. Accentuate the positive and all that!

Plan your next mindful make

picture of houses in bullet journal for mindfulness
I’d like to live in on of these houses

Using the dots on the paper it is easy to create sweet images to colour. I have drawn a terrace of London town houses and used the windows to list crafts I want to try. Chocolate eggs, painted stones, arm knitting: March is going to be busy!

You can do the same with books you want to read, Netflix movies to watch and restaurants to visit. You are only limited by your imagination.

Have fun with colour

February coloured in bullet journal for mindfulness
Not my best effort but I’m just starting out

All you will need for this fun project is a fine tip graphic black pen, some good colouring pens or pencils and of course, your journal.

Have a wonderful time using your bullet journal. It’s all about indulging in some mindful me time so let it be light, easy and fit round you. Enjoy!