Social Media Stress Taught Me How To Build A Happy PR Business

Rochelle White is a PR who started her own agency, Rochelle White PR in 2016. Her clients range from health and beauty brands to lifestyle and alcohol. But it nearly went very wrong. Rochelle tells Voice of Calm how she rescued herself from severe stress to create her thriving PR business and how she keeps social media in its place!

Having worked for major corporations since leaving Uni I was so excited to start a “proper” business. Thanks to Instagram I really thought it would be easy. Ah, social media! However, I quickly realised that it was far from easy.

Heading into 2017 I thought I was on top of everything. I was offering FREE case studies to brands and I was over promising: working too many hours for very little pay. Yes, I had clients, yes I had services but I massively over-stretched myself and offered too much.

It started to severely stress me out and I developed major anxiety, constantly worrying about non-payments and deadlines. At the same time I was trying to give off the image of a perfect work-life-balance on social media. This only made it worse and before long I just couldn’t cope.

It all came to head in October 2017. I had no idea that running a business would be like this. My dream was becoming a nightmare! I looked at all the hours I had worked set against what I was being paid and it just didn’t add up. Some clients hadn’t paid me at all and I was over working. So, to save myself, my mind and my soul and I made a massive decision. I let go of 18 clients, got rid of my case studies, cut my services and upped my prices.

I Let Go Of Expectations And Got Back To My Core Values

Of course this was a huge step and at first I worried that the whole business would fail but at the same time I felt so much better. Suddenly a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Looking back now I see that I was in constant stress and panic that it wouldn’t work. If I could go back, I would tell myself that no matter how long the journey is (no matter what it is), just enjoy it! Embrace the fear and get as much advice as possible, rather than more work. Your happiness is more important than business success.

Rochelle White PR is now a great agency. I have clients I love and a workload I can manage. I think it’s so important to be able to give every brand and every person the time they need from me. That’s the only way I can do a really good job. Plus it’s giving me a better balance.

Social Media Stress Taught Me How To Build My PR Business
Rochelle now works with some of her favourite publications

The Dangers Of Social Media

We live in a world, where fake reality and apparent perfection is the norm. Everyone is an influencer, a blogger, a CEO or entrepreneur. In reality many people are just average Joes who work a normal full time job. They might do nice things, go on nice holidays but people no longer want to be an average Joe.

If people just shared real things that were relatable, fun and a little tongue in cheek I would be interested. I would prefer that to seeing shopping trips to designer stores, expensive holidays or every weekend brunching. Trying to live a fake life online does nothing to enhance anyones real life. It creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), unhappiness and low self esteem.

If people could embrace who they really are and be honest it would make social media a much nicer place.

Stress Free Weekends

I like to spend the weekends off my phone/ laptop and internet (something I have recently started). I find that going to the gym is great for both my mindset and personal wellbeing. I go there at least four times a week and I have recently taken up yoga to centre my mind and take some much needed TLC.

I try to have regular pamper sessions, read books, listen to Lo-Fi beats and enjoy my own time. Music is my love and go to for starting the day, working, relaxing, everything.

I love weekends where I can just relax, have a lie in and catch up on my TV shows. PR never really stops and with client events I can put in a lot of hours and travel. So, I really value my down time and I make sure I care for myself so I’m back on it on Monday morning. We all need to make sure we’re looking after ourselves as much as possible. It’s so important for your wellbeing.

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